Mark Graham

Dr Mark Graham

The pre-clinical safety expertise is provided by Dr Mark Graham who has 30 years’ experience of Pharmaceutical Toxicology, including 19 years at AstraZeneca, where he was Senior Principal Scientist and Global Discipline Leader for Discovery Toxicology. For the last 4 years, Mark has provided preclinical consultancy services as Director of MG Toxicology Consulting Ltd.

Thomas Frimurer

Professor Thomas Frimurer

The computational chemistry expertise is provided by Professor Thomas Frimurer. Thomas has over 15 years of experience with structure-based chemical design technologies in academia and Pharma/Biotech modelling GPCRs and is head of a group focusing on both Chemical and Molecular Receptology (computational chemistry) at the University of Copenhagen.

Dr Celia Jenkinson

Dr Celia Jenkinson is a bioscience consultant to Caldan Therapeutics. Celia is a senior pharmacologist and project leader with 20 years’ experience in both academia and big pharma with GSK, Pfizer and Janssen in the US. She is now a San Diego based pre-clinical drug discovery consultant specializing in GPCRs, Type 2 Diabetes and pancreatic islet pharmacology.

Caldan also continue to use the services of specific experts relating to our science where appropriate. In this regard we have also consulted with Dr Laurel Sweet (ex-Pfizer) and the world renowned clinical hepatologist Prof. Paul Watkins (University of Chapel Hill, NC.).